The College is managed by Society Registration act I 860, having Registration No. 30 I. The Governing body of the society eminent person of the Medical field, education and from different field of life and head of the institution is an ex. officed member of the governing body. The members of the governing body is as follows :-

1) President - Mohammad Ali

2) Secretary - Smt Yashoda Devi

3) Principal - Dr. Amit Singh

4) Members -

a) Sri Awadh Bihari Choudhary Local M.L.A. and Cabinet minister of the Bihar Government.

b) Sri Virendra Singh (Retired H.M.)

c) Shri Ramayan Prasad (Social Worker)

d) Local B.O.O.

e) Ramjee Singh (Eminent Homoeopath in Bihar)

f) Shri Anand Bhushan Choudhary (Technical expert)


The college is recognised by Central council of Homoeopathic Government of India New Oelh~ permitted the by Bihar Govt. College is affiliated to B.R.A. Bihar University Muzaffarpur. Which is also recognised by university grand commission and ministry of human resources devlopment of India.


1) Dr. Mahendra Singh (Kolkatta)

2) Dr. S. Haque (Ex. Principal R.B.T.S. Govt. H.M.C. & H. Muz.)

3) Dr. M.K. Sahni (Patna)

4) Dr. Amol Bhattacharya (Kolkatta)

5) Dr. Shamsul Rahman (Kolkatta)

6) Dr. R. Dubey (Principal M.H. College Muz.)

7) Dr. (Mrs.) S. Bhattacharya (Kolkatta)