1. All communications regarding the college, hostel and Hospital should be addressed to the principal.

2. Every student is expected to counduct himself properly in the College, Hospital & Hostel.

3. Any student found guilty of misconduct, violation of the rules and practice, in the college, Hostel & Hospital or disrespectoed to the professor and staff will forfeit his claims to free studentship prizes and medals and also to any future appointment in the institution and may be expelled from the college or Hostel.

4. Student found guilty of carelessness leading to breakage or loss of any college, Hostel & Hospital property, book, costly apparetus etc. shall make good the loss at once may in addition be fined.

5. Students are allowed to work in the laboratory in the presence of the professors only.

6. Dissections will be arranged for at such period during the winter term as may be notified by the Principal. Students must attend the dissections regulary to be eligible to seat at the Test examination.

7. The provisions of the prospectus can not be regarded as an irrevokable contract between the college and the students. The college reserves the right to change any provision or requirements and frame new rules at any time within the students, time of education including Text books. fees curriculum and rules and regulation in general or those pertaining to the College & Hostel.

8. Students are not allowed to enter the office and disturb the staff on duty.

9. Every student must take delivery of his Identity card from the College and carry with him so that the same maybe produced on demand.

10. The students must not attend the classes other than their own without the prior permission of the Principal/Lecturer concerned.

11. The College, Hostel and Hospital compound will not be the venue of any meeting or gathering of the students with out the consent of the Principal.

12. Every student must cary his/her identity card along with passport size photo.

13. Students should be punctual in their attendence at lectrures practical and clinical classes.

14. Students will be allowed to meet the principal or his repre sentative only at a scheduled and appointed time.

15. 75% attendece in theoretical/clinical hospital duty is the minimum requisite qualification to sit for the examination.

16. Senior students have to attend the bed side c1inins regularly and prepare the case report and submit them to the dept.

17. No students shall be given marksheets or certificates un less all his/her dues for College & Hostel are paid.

18. Tution fess should be paid in full at the time of admission to the course.

19. Guardians of the students are personally liable for all the dues etc. for the College & Hostel. Moreover all students are to produce their guardians, declarations as their financial guarantors for College and Hostel dues.

20. A list of selected candidates will be put up on the college Notice Board in due course notitying the date of payment of the fees. Fee once paid shall not be refunded.


1. Students and Teaching Staff of the College are entitled to use library.

2. The teachers may from time to time retain such books as are necessary for purpose of their reference. Reference books may be lent for a week to members of the teaching staff only.

3. Books of reference text books and rare collections shall not be lent out to the students.

4. All books taken on loan should be invariably deposit before long vacations.

5. Identity card along with lending or reference cared for library whichever is necessary must be produced to the librarian while issuing or reissuing any book.

6. Books taken out by the students shall to be retained for more than 7 days, from the date of issue. If the due date happens to be a holiday the book must be returned on the next working day.

7. Any book may be recalled at any time even if the period of loan has not expired. The book shall be re-issued to the same borrower if he or she so desires after the purpose for which it was recalled.

8. Failure to return a book on the due date entails the students to pay a fine of fifty paise per day upto 15 days and after 15 days a fine of Rs 10- will be charged per day of delay including the intervening holidays.

9. All such fines should be paid to the librarian and receipt for the amount should be obtained and preserved.

10. Failure either to pay the library fine due or to return the books within due date the student ad teachers are liable for withdrawn of his/her privileged to borrow any books from the library till the overdue books are retuned and dues cleared.

11. The marking of books with ink or pencil, causing damage to bindings, The underling of pas sages, the writing or remarks or illustrations, tearing of pages, pictures etc. are absolutely forbidden.

12. If any book is lost, damaged, or multitude the borrower shall be require to replace the book with fine or pay such compensation as may be fixed by the Principal. If any student does not pay such compensation, he shall not be allowed to appear in the Examination of University or any mark sheet or certificate shall not be issued to him.

13. If a book belonging to a set or series, is lost or damaged and a new volume is not separately available, the borrower shall be required to replace the whole set of series.

14. Before leaving the counter, borrowers shall examine the books taken by them and point about any mutilation or defect in any book to the librarian and have these defects etc. noted by him otherwise the borrowers will be held responsible for any damage or mutilation observed at the time of return.

15. Strict silence is to be observed in the library.

16. The transfer or sub-lending of books are strictly prohibted.

17. Loss of Identity Cards, reference and lending card must be intimated immediately and Rs. 60.00 will be charged for a new card.